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how do i: view two instances of the same image with live updates?

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I'm working on an image that is no bigger than like 40 by 80 pixels. while working on the image i'm zoomed to %400, but i would love it if i could have another window open that shows the image at 100% zoom but is also update in realtime so that i can keep things in perspective.


can it be done? a quick google search just pops up a lot of how to use the zoom feature.

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This is not currently an option. Your best bet right now is to look at the thumbnail at the top of the window, which is 65x48px

As long as your image is that size or less, it will be shown at 100% in the thumbnail.

Otherwise, you can hold ctrl and scroll with your mouse wheel to quickly zoom in and out.

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Yup, zooming is paint.net's way of doing things. To help your work flow go more smoothly, it is recommended that you learn shortcut keys. This can make zooming in and out quick and more efficient.


For Zooming, here are some suggestions :

-- Try the Zoom Tool (Z), left click zooms in, right click zooms out, click and drag to zoom in on an area. Once zoomed in hit the shortcut key to the tool you want to use.

-- Explore the "View" tab up in the menu bar to see some zooming functions and learn what their shortcut keys are.

-- Look to the bottom right corner of paint.net, there you can click on the zoom's % to type in exact zooms or use the zoom slider. There is also the icon for "view actual size/fit to screen", which is handy if you zoom in close and want a quick way to zoom back out.

-- Also, holding down the ctrl key on your keyboard while scrolling with your mouse wheel will zoom you in and out (as mentioned by pdnnoob).



A bit of an odd suggestion, you could try using window's magnifier. Sorry, I haven't played with the magnifier in a long time, you'll have to see which magnifying mode, if any, might be able to help.

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