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Rotating an image... Without messing it up.

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Soo I'm editing textures for a game, and as you may know the pallets for many of the textures are sideways, I'd like to add to a certain part of the texture, the only problem is, while I can zoom in, I can't rotate the whole image sideways without making it... You know, rotate for real as if I was just normally rotating it.


A good example would be drawing in real life, or when you were a kid drawing on a piece of paper with a crayon, you want your picture to look good, so you turn the paper sideways to get a good angle to continue drawing, well I'm having that same problem in pdn, so I'm wondering, is there a way to rotate the 'View' but not rotate the whole image?

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Do you mean "Rotate layer"? If different texture is in different layer then you can rotate it through an option (Rotate/Zoom)

 in layer menu. It will rotate the layer ( indirectly texture because only texture is in the layer.) There is a rotate or pan image option, when selected with tiling it can be used. Settings will be Zoom:1.0, Roll/Rotate: all of them 0 and Tiling: enabled. Amount of Panning could be any from 0 to 1 , it will describe the amount of rotation. (can be used both vertical and horizontal)


Or Do you want to rotate a part on a layer? If you want to do it then you have to use selection tool, ( which can selected by hot-key 'S' multiple times , single time will select rectangular selection, twice will be freehand, thrice will elliptical selection) then move tool can be used will rotate the selected part. 





But I'm not sure what exactly is being asked? 



I don't think there is such an option, but that would indeed be a useful addition.

Do you understood what the query is?

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Do you understood what the query is?

Fluid just wants to view the image at an angle.

Sorry. There is currently no option to do this. Your best bet is to increase the canvas size, then rotate using rotate/zoom (ctrl+shift+z)

If all you need is to rotate in 90 degree increments, you can do that without making anything blurry using the rotation tools under the "Image" menu.

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Hello Fluid,


As our pdnnoob said it, there is no way to get what you want. But, recently, MJW created an effect, View Framer, that can help you  visualize an image as you rotate it. You would have first create an oversized canvas and run View Framer on an upper layer. You can set the desired size of the final image.

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