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Favorite Drawing Books

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Hey, what's some good drawing books to get? What's your favorite (past and current) books?

Just wondering...


My favorite of all time (so far) is:

 Drawing Scenery: Landscapes and Seascapes (1988) by Jack Hamm

 review: great stuff, really took my tiny trees to new levels of completeness.


Honorable Mentions:

01. How to Draw 101 Monsters (2004) by Dan Green

      -Some good stuff, tho not much learned and only a few cool examples.

02. Draw 50 Monsters (2012) by Lee J. Ames

      -Very few cool examples, but some conceptualization ideas were present.




The Rise of the Creative Class

by: Richard Florida

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"The figure in action" (anatomy for artists) by Louise Jordan ISBN 0-7134-5947-6.

Most anatomy books show front, back and side views. This book shows how all the muscles are working in various positions.
Exquisitely drawn and very useful especially when combined with life drawing classes. (no the author didn't pay me!)

"The Magic Mirror of M.C.Escher" by Bruno Ernst ISBN 0-906212-45-6
Contains many of his most famous works and useful explanations of the underlying geometry and perspective.


I've got too many books! :D


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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