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For some reason, every time I open PDN an odd shade of pink is selected as the current color in the Colors window.

I don't have the slightest idea how it got there, as i only use black and red, and hardy any other color.


I change it every time to red, but after I exit the program, it is there again.


Is there a way to set the default color selected in the Color picker?

I inspected the Settings window but didn't find a way to do so,



Thank you in advance,


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How odd. Paint.net should default to black and white as the Primary and Secondary colors respectively.


I just tried modifying the colors and closing - paint.net reopened with the default B & W.


Also tried installing a custom palette - again paint.net defaults to B & W.


Can you post a screenshot of paint.net showing the Colors window?


Are you opening an image or a blank canvas?


What version of paint.net are you using?

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