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Resizing and panning across image

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I have a simple problem really. It worked last week but now it's not, so I must be doing something different.


I am trying to upload an image, then change the canvas size to a preferred width x height, but doing this I do no want the image to resize and I want to be able to pan the image around so the area I want featured is within the canvas dimensions. (Hope that makes sense!)


Here are my steps.


- Open Paint.net


- Open image


- Image > Canvas Size > change pixel size to 600w by 400h


Now I have the canvas size I want, and the image hasn't resized (same viewing scale), however, I am unable to pan around the image to a desired location. I was doing this last week though, someway or another. It seems to be clipping the image to this size, so to speak, which I don't want.


Appreciate any suggestions :)


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It's better that You open a blank canvas with preferred size first, then from Layers menu, use import from file and get the image. If the Image is big in size you will be asked to crop the image or increase the canvas size. So, don't the option to increase the canvas size and place the image as you want . After pressing enter you will get the part of Image which is upon the canvas available but things outside the canvas will be chopped out.


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Bring the image into PDN in its original size.

Create a new canvas the size you want with File>New.

Go back to the original image, and use Edit>Select All, then Edit>Copy

Go to the new canvas, and use Edit>Paste.

A menu will appear, warning you the image is bigger than the canvas. Choose the "Keep canvas size" option (which is the middle option).

The image will appear on the canvas, with a selection rectangle showing its extent. You will be able to move the image around.

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