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Droste v1.1 (May 8, 2019)

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This is a update of @PJayTycy's original Droste distortion plugin that was left abandoned in the plugin development section of the forum. See changelog below.


Effects -> Distort -> Droste








v1.1 (May 8, 2019)

  • Changed: Removed dependency on external library

v1.0 by toe_head2001 (Aug 31, 2015)

  • New: Added a control to adjust the angle of the effect.
  • Changed: Reorganized the code to a CodeLab-like structure/style
  • Changed: Changed plugin icon and shorted title to 'Droste'
  • New: Added metadata for the Plugin Browser

pre-v1.0 by @PJayTycy (Dec 5, 2007 - Jan 26, 2008)







Source Code

Source files and Git history


Edited by toe_head2001
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Does work very well. Thank you!



Just as I finished this, I realized that the spiral goes in one direction only. Could an option be added so it turns in two directions (clockwise or counterclockwise)?


The objects start large at the edges and get smaller toward the center. Can the opposite be donne?

Edited by Eli
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Hi Eli, that will certainly get some attention. :)


Open Droste and slide Inner Radius about halfway or more to the right and keep the Inverse Transparency checked. That will give the opposite curl


Have fun.

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Hello doughty, and thanks for the tip. For some reason I love repetitions, tiles and symmetry. It is better than eating chocolate and I do eat lots of it. :)  And being able to do something with just about any image and never go wrong and not having to deal with math (  :mrred: ) Drost just makes me crazy! happy-smiley01.gif

Edited by Eli
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Nice kitty for adoption  :D



Eli... That looks like something out of Alien!  How creepy!!     =O

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Version 1.1 posted.


This plugin had been using the MathNet.Iridium library for the Complex struct.

However, the Complex struct was added to the .NET Framework some time after @PJayTycy initially created this plugin.


I have therefore removed the dependency of the MathNet.Iridium.dll file.  After you've updated the plugin, you can delete that file from your Effect folder.

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