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How to resize the background, but keep the foreground the same size

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I'm sure there is a better way to word this, but I don't exactly know how. So let me attempt to explain this, basically you have a random stock photo as layer 1 above the background. It's the same size as the background. You want to take the top right quarter of that stock photo and make the picture once you render it, ONLY a picture of that. Meaning, delete all the rest of the stock photo and resize the background to the size of that new picture. Another way to do this would be, I have a new file made, nothing but white. It's the resolution of the top right quarter in this document, so you bring the whole picture (Which is now bigger than the document) and it cuts out all except the part of the picture you need. Are either of those things possible? And if so, how? Thanks! 



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Hey Mikuo - welcome to the forum :D

I'm pretty sure you're asking about cropping an image. Here's how I would approach this:

1. Open the image

2. Activate the Rectangle Selection tool :RectangleSelectTool: (or press S on your keyboard)

3. Drag out a selection covering the area you want in the top right (or any) corner.

4. Press the keyboard combination Ctrl + Shift + X to crop to the selected area. You don't need to resize anything!


5. Use File > Save As... (not File > Save) to save the image under a different name. File > Save would save it under the original filename, overwriting the original image with the modified version.

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