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Backwards text

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How is everyone doing?  I am using paint.net to do some work, but i have an issue.  I need to be able to type text and somehow get it reversed (not sure if that is the right term to use).  What I mean by this is have the text basically go backwars.  Not sure how to explain it otherwise.  Basically I'm looking to have the letters face the opposite direction, so I can type out what I need to.



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I have to agree: BoltBait IS awesome.

This is another fine example of why text should always be placed on its own layer ;)

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    hi all ,


             the Fella above was askin' about " Reversed Text " easy !


            I have used this to print on clear film for Model Bus decals for internal applicatshun

           a backing Decal printed is good for Font clarity........ especially the Font is reduced to 1mm !


             So wot about this one..... "Reversed Italics "

            These Fonts can be used for handed signage  suggesting speed


             Git busy paint.net !


                                                                     cheery mumbas !



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