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Convert pnd to png per Commandline or Programmatically

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First of Paint.NET is a realy good software used it very long already. 


It would be nice if i could convert the pnd per Commnadline because it would speed the developementprocess.

Currently i always have 2 files and have to deal with the save dialog every time i want to save.

Onother problem are Layers because they get deleted when i save as png (sure i can ctrl + z but its still annoying).


So is there a Commandlineoption? If not plz implement it :)

Another option would be using the given dlls. But im not familiar with the source code of paint.net.

I took a quick look at it with ilspy but i soon realised it would be better to ask for hints instead of keep on diging.

To wrap it up :) . Is there a way to use the dlls to convert it and if so could someone give me some hints where to look?


Thx a lot

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