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Pie Chart v2.5 (Dec 30, 2016)

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Pie Chart
Effects -> Render -> Pie Chart

  • Renders a Pie Chart graphic based on specified Colors and Values. Can also render Labels on the chart.
  • Outline Color, Rotation Angle, and Scale can be adjusted.
  • Import from CSV files
  • DONUTS! dancing-banana-homer-simpson-smiley-emot





Supported CSV Formats

Tom, 9.9
Bob, 5


9.9, Tom
5, Bob

CSV files can be edited in MS Excel, or even Notepad.




v2.5 (Dec 30, 2016)

  • Changed: New tabbed GUI
  • Changed: The chart data is now manipulated inline using a DataGridView (like a spreadsheet)
  • New: Load CSV files
  • New: Donut size is now adjustable
  • Fixed: HiDPI issues

v2.0 (Nov 7, 2015)

  • Changed: Rewrote the Effect from scratch (excluding the UI)
  • New: Adjustable Scale (0.1x - 1.0x). 1x means the pie fills the selection
  • New: Donut Chart style option
  • New: Render Labels option
  • New: Exploded slice option.
  • New: Option to not use an outline


Versions before v2.0 were based on @evanolds' original Pie Chart plugin.
v1.2 by toe_head2001 (Sept 12, 2016)

  • New: Angle Control to rotate the chart
  • New: Existing Categories in the list can be reordered
  • New: Outline color of the Chart can be changed (Black, Gray, or White)
  • Changed: Various minor fixes and UI adjustments.

v1.1 by toe_head2001 (Aug 18, 2015)

  • New: Display the numerical value of each existing Category in the list
  • New: A random color is automatically selected for each new category. You can still change it manually.
  • New: Text cursor is now automatically placed in the first textbox when the plugin is opened, so you can just start typing.
  • Changed: Moved the help text to a fancy Help messagebox. There was no need to see this text everytime you opened the plugin.
  • Changed: New icon from Fugue Icons. This is mainly to distinguish it from Evan's that is inside of EOEffects.dll
  • Changed: Various minor UI adjustments.
  • New: Metadata was added for the 'Plugin Browser'

v1.0 by Evan Olds (Jan 6, 2012)

  • Initial release


:RightArrowBlue: PieChart.zip


Changes and source code
Some icons from Fugue Icons.

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