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Pointers and speed (re. edge-shader for objects)

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The plugin could be made more efficient for small selections by only computing the distances for edge pixels within the maximum distance of the selection edge. The distance buffer size could also be decreased to either the selection size plus, in each direction, twice the maximum distance, or the twice the maximum value of the maximum distance. The smaller version would require allocating a new buffer if the maximum distance increased, so I think the second version is probably better.

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I noticed that the Fill8 flood fill routine still uses the old, ugly method of pushing phony spans at the beginning, which doesn't even always work right if the seed pixel isn't filled. I never used the Fill8 routine much, so I guess I never got around to fixing it. Darn! Now I've got to figure out how the silly thing works again.

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Thanks MJW - will study what you've done later.

Re: the original version - I got the list<T> thing working on Pdn4 with Rick's "..Rendering.PointInt32" struct.
(The alternative version I was thinking of produces a different result - so will not pursue that).
Also, finally got VS working on windows 10!(Though, ideally the finished effect will be 3.5.11 compatible).
I'm hoping to restrict how much of the edgepixels list gets examined for each pixel, based on 'maxdistance' too. Something, it seems, that you've picked up on already.

That may also allow checking each 'area' of the edgepixels list for both minimum and maximum distance - which should allow it to automatically get a full range of shades between edges.

Glad you can see the potential Eli!


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@MJW and @Ego Eram Reputo


One of Paint.Net's hidden treasures. 

After using the MJWEdgeshader version plugin several times on my latest project I discovered this plugin has not been officially released but it has been mentioned in several threads as being very usefull.

This would also explain why it can't be found in the index.

Sorry to awaken after 3 years - but I think it's worth it.  B)

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34 minutes ago, AndrewDavid said:

One of Paint.Net's hidden treasures.


I use this plugin frequently...it is a hidden treasure!  :)

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