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How i can turn a black object into pink ?

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Hello .. i have a picture with a support for wax heater . the support is black colour .

i need to make this pink colour .. like this pink : http://www.epilatpro.ro/decantoare-ceara/decantor-ceara-refolosibila-roz-12kg.html


can someone help me , or tell me how i can do this (if it's possible)



i will attache the photo to see


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1) Have both your black object and the object that has the color you like open in paint.net, each on their own canvas.

2) Use the "Color Picker" tool to get the color from the pink object.

3) Return to your black object and add a new layer above it. Set the new layer's blending mode to "Overlay" or "Multiply".

4) Use the "Fill Tool" to fill the new layer.

5) Carefully erase any pink that you don't want, for example, if you want the wheels to still be black erase the pink on the pink filled layer at those places.





Click for larger view:




If you want to adjust the lightness of the object, click on the black object layer and then go up to the Menu Bar > Adjustments > Brightness/contrast. (Levels & Curves can adjust brightness/contrast too)

If you want to further adjust the color of the object, go to the adjustments tab and try playing around with hue/saturation, levels, or curves.

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