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how to accurately resize selected pixels?

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I copy and pasted a picture off the internet to a 900x900 file in paint.net.  I'm trying to resize this picture exactly to 300x300 because I plan on putting a few more pictures on this file.  Problem is, as far as I can tell, there is no way to resize selected pixels (aka a copy and pasted picture) other than manually resizing it with your cursor.  


Is there anyway I can set the exact resolution I want this copy and pasted picture?  when I go to image -> resize, it resizes the whole file instead of just the picture, despite the fact that I have the picture selected.

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This is related.

Preamble: For many years I have been used to using PaintShopPro and one of the techniques I haven't yet discovered in Paint.NET is how to expand or contract an irregular selection by a specified number of pixels.


For example, I have used it to create borders. <Select All, Expand selection by 20 pixels,Copy whole layer to New layer,Invert selection, Flood fill with desired border or rim colour, merge original layer with expanded & filled layer>


Hey Presto! an irregularly (but perfectly accurate) bordered or rimmed character image. 


Is this possible in Paint? Do I need a plug-in?

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For a rectangular border...

1. Open your image


2. Go to Image > Canvas Size (Ctrl + Shift + R)

3. In the resize dialog, make sure "By absolute size" is selected. Then uncheck "Maintain Aspect Ratio"

4. In the Width textbox, type in a figure which is Current Size + 2 x border width. My original size was 130px. I want a border of 25 pixels either side so 130 + 2 x 25 = 180

5. In the Height text box, do the same as 4 using the original height (150+2x25=200).


6. Set the anchor point to middle.

7. Hit Ok.


The original image is surrounded by a 25 pixel border. The color used to fill the border is whatever you had set as the Secondary color when you performed the resize. Grey in this example.

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I read Tomokatu's question as referring to irregular selections?

I don't think EER's method above will cope with those too well? (but could be wrong!) ;) (angle of edge to direction of expansion, critical?)

Another way:
It's tricky to expand or contract a selection and plugins are not allowed to change the selection.
However if the selected area is copied and pasted into a new transparent layer it then becomes an 'object'.
To expand that object (when that whole layer is selected) there are two plugins both called 'Outline Object' one by BoltBait (above your post) and one by 'Pyrochild'.
To diminish the object the 'AAAssistant' plugin is useful.

Plugins can be found via the plugin index, generously maintained by EER (post above mine). There is a link to it in his signature.

I hope that's what you meant Tomokatu! ;)
Sorry it is not a perfect soloution - there are more complicated variants! (blurring the created object and changing the opacity)
If you meant rectangular selections, stick with EER's method above.


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XREVA-   Problem is, as far as I can tell, there is no way to resize selected pixels (aka a copy and pasted picture) other than manually resizing it with your cursor.  

Actually there kind of is (other than Boltbaits solution) - it's hidden under Layers Menu. It's called Rotate Zoom or Ctrl+Shift + Z. Best if you paste into new layer the deselect (Ctrl+D). You can adjust magnification amount numerically. It will keep the height/width ratio intact.


The only way to adjust to exact pixel size is using that separate image method.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you all.

I have memorialised your tips to my persona Help/Hints file (Now to practice intensively.)




Thanks Scott - just bought the book! (Enjoy the profits, bro)  :beer:


Now I know (already) how to force a straight line (arrow keys :arrow-left::arrow-right:). Not bad for 10 min reading!

Edited by Tomokatu
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Thanks. I hope you enjoy it Tomokatu :)

BTW did you try drawing a line with the Shift key held down? It constrains the angle to the nearest 15° increment. VERY useful for longer lines ;)

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