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Can no longer scroll to change brush size?

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I have the newest version. I searched the forums for a similar topic but couldn't find one.

It used to be that I could scroll the mouse wheel to change my brush size if I had the number highlighted. Now it only works if my mouse is actually over the drop-down menu, which is inconveinient because I'd like to be able to see the size of the brush as I resize it. I don't know if it's a bug or a feature, but I'd like this ability back.

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I'm not quite sure... Every version up to 4.0.5 I suppose? That's the version I first noticed it with, and I upgraded again before posting here. Give me a minute to see if I can figure out how to see what I had before that.

ETA: There's no "previous versions" available, even though I just updated again yesterday. I want to believe I would've been using 4.0.4 because my settings are to notify me of updates, and .4 was released around the time I started using the program regularly (been using it for years, first downloaded in 2008). Sorry for coming unprepared

ETA2: Hm. After going through my screenshots folder ot see if I caught the version in one, seems it WAS working with .5 . Must be something Windows 10 did. Sorry for placing the blame here.

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