TR's Dodge and Burn (Blur and Sharpen)(Feb 25th, 2015) Re-Posted

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Thank you, the success of the English menu into a Chinese, this translation was very good. I send you a picture.

I downloaded a lot of plug-ins, I should learn English in order to understand how to use plug-ins.

good luck

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Is there any chance in the world I could maybe pretty please get the source code for the brush? I have 1000 ideas and some are really good. I want to populate a list of effects and use the brush to 'draw in' the effect by rendering it on a separate surface and writing over pixels wherever I draw. I also want to make a brush that randomly scatters the pixels under it by an amount. It'd be a "diffuse brush". I also want to make more dynamic brushes if I can, but first I'd need access to (or an explanation of how to implement) brushes the way they're done in this plugin.

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Thanks so much, TR. I'm cleaning up the naming conventions. You might want to map the form OK and Close buttons so the user can press enter to run the plugin and escape to cancel. I'm also working on zooming in/out relative to the mouse position, like Paint.NET does. I'll give you any cross-compatible features I can come up with so you can integrate them into your plugins as my way of saying thanks. :)

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Reposted- removed debugging code 

Version 1.4.0+ Ready for Download

Version 1.4.0+ includes changes by AnthonyScoffler

Fix: removed pre-multiplying of alpha channel in output image

Easier to read color button

CTRL+Z for undo

Hold Ctrl + Mouse Wheel to change the brush size

Take a bow Anthony!

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and thanks Anthony + looking forward to that dynamic brush too

No problem. TR lent me the source code, so I'm sending all features I tweak and bugs I discover or patch to him for our mutual benefit :)

The dynamic brush plugin is called Brush Factory and is nearing completion, but I have college in the way and there's this pesky rotation issue where rotating the brush causes it to be smaller by as much as 33%. The alternative is clipping the edges, which is a no-go. But I'm making progress and I have more than 80% of it complete.

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Are you developing TR's plugin into Brush Factory or are you making another plugin?

I'm making a separate plugin derived from the same source code. There isn't much in common anymore except the layout, canvas functionality, and brush support; most everything else is my own. As a quick rundown of features I have completed:

- Initial brush size, color, rotation, and transparency

- Import multiple brushes at once and they're retained across calls to the plugin while Paint.NET still runs. (I haven't shared this yet with TR, but I will.)

- Option to colorize brush, which means making it one solid color. Usually on, but turn it off when you want an image with multiple colors as a brush (like a leaf).

- Option to rotate with the mouse so that brush strokes are rotated in the direction of the mouse.

- Jitter size, color RGB ranges, rotation, and transparency. Jittering means randomly varying these values (within a range you set) every time a brush stroke is applied.

- Increment size, rotation, and transparency. This means with each brush stroke, the size/rotation/transparency will increase or decrease a specific amount permanently.


Bugs to fix:

- Rotation makes non-square images smaller because they're drawn at a fixed size and not a percentage-based size (but I want fixed sizes).

- Alpha blending issues are making black rings around brush strokes, when undo is used, and when the effect is applied for all brush strokes over transparent pixels.

- Orient to mouse doesn't affect the first click yet, before the mouse is moved.

- An obscure bug that probably won't ever happen and has no appreciable effect anyway, so it'll probably stay. I'll document it when I release the plugin.



- The dynamic increment controls currently cycle all the way. I want to make another option so they can 'ping-pong' or simply stop.

- Maybe dynamic effects based on mouse speed or direction (besides orient to mouse).

- Hue jitter and increment hue.

- Dynamic effects based on each individual brush stroke. I will have one for alpha so as you draw, the brush becomes more transparent (simulates paint).

- Redo

- Maybe a keyboard shortcut to apply brush strokes continuously

- An option to make brush strokes cumulative (on by default). When it's off, until you release the mouse, no pixels where a brush stroke is applied can be affected again.

- Zoom is respective to the mouse position so it zooms to the mouse. This means the mouse will always be the center of the zoom.

- Option to change brush interpolation method (an advanced option).

- Maybe a way to set the rotation origin... maybe.

- Various small tweaks.

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