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Installation problem, please help...

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This error is literally making me mad.

Other than the forums copy and paste system also making me pissed off, this specific error is enraging me.


One time after deleting PDN, I wanted to install it again - didn't use the uninstall option by accident. Restored it and tried, broke off the bat.


Nowadays, with pretty much all traces of PDN cleaned from my computer, every time I try installing PDN it always asks me for "PaintDotNet_676305950" which I don't have or can't find. If I click cancel without using that package, all of a sudden this happens - http://www.prntscr.com/82diuo



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Hey colbert2677 - welcome to the forum.


Obviously you've found that brute-force removal of the visible bits of an application can have unforeseen problems. You see, apps often leave unseen hooks and keys in your system.


Go here http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/692-install-update-or-uninstall-trouble-read-this/and read post #2 regarding Windows Installer CleanUp utility. That is the tool which we usually recommend (there are others) to clean those last remnants out. Once cleaned out you should be good to reinstall.

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