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How can i change colors of a car

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Duplicate the layer with the car then mess around with the brightness and contrast levels then apply a new layer of color and mess with the blending options. Flatten those two layer once you get the body of the car the color you want. Now just use your eraser tool to erase anything that isnt the body (sky, road, headlights, windshields, etc.)

oh yea, the bigger the pic the better cause when your done you can size it down which helps to hide any small imperfections ;)


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To change black to colors, you could also use the curves adjustment. Play around with different modification points to get different colors (use the rgb mode, not luminosity) Make sure you uncheck 1 or 2 colors before you make changes though (if they're all checked your image will only change shades of gray)

Note: This won't work on pitch black (#000000) but it will work on various shades of gray (which is more likely to be in a photo)

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