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Body shape custom shape plugin request

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Hi I was thinking about what use I personally could use for the shape tool and realized I use the shape method anyway. So I am requesting human body shape outlines.


Unfortunately I suck at remembering shape names. First off there are like a dozen head shapes, they have the names of basic shapes like a heart face, star face and a round face but they actually all into subtypes of each so having a custom shape for each sub type might be useful. And when drawing people's bodies, 


Having an upside down four sided triangle for a man's torso and an adjustable hourglass for a woman would also be useful.

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Oh a variety of tree and building shapes useful also. I hate backgrounds but If I had a bunch of tree and building shapes and maybe a variety of car shapes they would be easier. Yes thats it! And maybe shapes that include full people, head, torso legs and arms. Like stick figures I can color.

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ShapeMaker has just been released http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/32096-shapemaker-by-the-dwarf-horde-aug-5-2015/

With it you can create your own shapes by tracing images or importing SVG graphics.

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