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No change anymore in different layers

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Hi there,

I´m working on a Project with many layers. Now I find mistakes in one of this layers. When I will change it (e.g. size or Position), it doesn´t work. It is not pssoible to correct it.


Do you now why.


Kind regards



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Hello Bastler,


Perhaps the mistake is not in the layer you want to correct. Sometimes, when working with many layers and transparencies, I add or modify a layer by mistake. This may have happened to you.


You will need to Check/Uncheck each layer until you find the layer that contains the mistake.

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Maybe you do not know that you can not change position or size of a layer. All layers start at 0/0 and use the same size.

You can only position or scale the content of a layer. One way to do this is to create a selection in the layer with one of the selection tools (or by using Ctrl-A to select all) and then use the 'Move Selected Pixels' tool. This tool allows you to translate, scale and rotate the selected pixels.

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