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General Praise Paint.NET! post

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Hello everybody,

I just registered here.

Let me tell something about how I came to these forums. I was a long time not-so-very-legal Paint Shop Pro user and that's what I used at my work as well. Being a (web-)programmer I never had to do real complex stuff, but being able to make some minor adjustments to images with something better than MS Paint was a plus.

Management then put their foot down on all illegal software in the company, so I had to get rid of Paint Shop Pro and only the designers got legal versions of Photoshop. I went through various pieces of software such as GIMP, which was bollocks (excuse the language), a trial version of Paint Shop Pro (I just could live without it) and something called Pierresoft ADesign, which was possibly even worse than GIMP. Then I read in a forum that someone used Paint.NET and I decided to check it and, and lo-and-behold, the skies suddenly cleared up and the sun started to shine. I could even swear I heard angels singing in the background.

That was about 2 months or so ago and I love doing my little things with Paint.NET (and wow, it's even legal!) I needed to figure out how to save transparency in GIF files so I looked it up here in the forums. That's how I ended up here. Brilliant to find that Paint.NET supports plugins as well. Already downloaded a few. Found some great tutorials also (there was one about exploding planets which I love).

Anyhoo, enough butt-kissing already. Kudos to those that are mentioned when I click "help, about". Seems to be a lot of knowledge in these forums which is great.

So hello to you all :-)

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