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How to make this pict file transparent backgroung?

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I am using Paint.Net for a while and familiar with the using of some basic tools,

as for how to make a transparent background, I was trying to make an image (attached) to be transparent background in order to put 2 of them in paralell, to be 4 curved lines instead of the current 2 lines,


I used "Magic wand" and selected 0% tolerence, but whenever I try to insert the 2 images in the same canvas and move the lines to be closer, the edge of the image makes the first one disappeared, same as not having a transparent background, it's really so amzing how to be like this? is there any solution for this?

any soonest feedback will be highly appreciated,

Best regards,

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Hi Mixmedia,


I not sure what you are trying to say but it seems that you having trouble with transparency while moving something on a layer.


In PDN transparency has as much as value a color. As two color can't be together in a single canvas at a single point. Similarly two transparencies can't be together.


If you want to do add things together with transparencies, then do it in another layer.

These are the steps.

1. Select the thing. ( use any tool)

2. Cut the thing from image and paste it on another layer.  ( After selecting Press 'Ctrl+X' and then Press 'Ctrl+Shift+V' )

3. Move the selected thing as you need.

4. Merge layer down ( It's icon is at bottom of layers floating window or you can go to layers menu for this option. Or press 'Ctrl+M' ).

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Hi Pratyush,


Let me make is simple, let's say I have 2 parallel line in one image, and I need to creat a design that has 4 parallel line,

for this purpose, I set the background of this targeted image to be transparent, then I have to take 2 copies of the same image and merge them together by moving the parallel lines to be close to each other,

so I created a new canvas frame, then inserted one image, and selected to 2nd copy, once I start to move the parallel lines it starts to hid the first one, i am sure the image is with transparent background,, supposed not be everything clear on the 2nd layer and only the parallet lines to be appeared, isn't it? why to be like?? so confused really!

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The trick, like Pratyush pointed out, is the have the two copies with transparent backgrounds on two separate layers.

Crtl+Shift+V for the first copy of the parallel lines and then again Crtl+Shift+V for the second copy.

You can then move each copy independently of the other and line them up to your liking, without the transparency of one layer obscuring the lines on the other layer.


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