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I'm new and need help

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Hello thanks for making this forum and for your time . 


I am doing a project in school and i need to change words on signs help held up in protest pics also need to change words people drew on thier bodys during protests 


can Pant.net do that for me someone simple ? and will it look pretty realistic ?


thank you all for taking the time to answer have a nice day  :/

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Hello. :)


I was once new too, and the best place to start for new people are the forum rules. Check out rule #6. ;)


To answer your question(s), I'm sorry to say this, but it sounds like you want to do photo manipulation. Photo manipulation, especially photo manipulation that has good looking end results, is not always a quick, fast, or simple task, no matter what program you use. Depending on what you are trying to do, the manipulation difficulty varies greatly. Despite requiring some learning and effort, photo manipulation is fun once you get the hang of it.


For most photo manipulation projects, knowing how to use layers is important.


Learning about the Clone Stamp tool :CloneStampTool:  might help you too :




In paint.net 4.0+ I suggest you use a very low or 0 hardness/softness for the clone stamp, as it helps blend what you are cloning better.


Maybe this copy/paste tutorial can give you some different technique ideas :



If you want more detailed help, then it would be good if you could give us more details on what you want and are trying to do, such as sharing an example image that you are trying to work with. (how to share images?)

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