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Trouble with shortcut keys.

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I would just like to report that some of the tools have the same shortcut keys making it difficult to quickly get tools when having one hand on the keyboard and one on the mouse. I don't know if you can set the short cut keys in the program, i dont think so. I believe this needs to be fixed for power users.

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The point of having the same key is that you press it multiple times to get to the tool. For example, you press S three times to use the Ellipse select tool.

This simplifies selecting tools of the same type: if you know exactly what tool you want, you're gonna have the key memorized no matter what. If you're still learning things, you can think "all the selection tools are S, so I will press that key until I get the one I want."

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Ah, thanks for the quick reply! Thats makes sense. I first thought it was a bug because I have never seen an application do hotkeys like this. The problem of having to press multiple times to get to a tool remains. I would prefer having separate hotkeys or the ability to set keys to a specific tool/action. I still think Paint.Net is a job well done. Thanks to the quick answer.

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