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Image partially transparent

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Hey guys, I'm wondering how I would "separate" all the white background from the spell icon so that the remaining red is still a little bit transparent.


If that doesn't make sense, here's what I mean.


We start with this picture, and we remove the spell icon from the blank background to get this:


(I wasn't the one who removed the background if you were wondering)

(Some pixels in the top part of this image are blank, view here: http://imgur.com/VJKIEHp,3PaP6MM#1)

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your time

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Hello Infinity323,


Sometimes images are hard to edit. In your case you may need to manually delete the background and on another layer rebuild the background.


There is a Round Button effect that can help you with the background and the round edges. For the colour, use the colour picker, before using the Round Button effect.


You willso need to erase as close to the bottle the white glow. You can use the Outline effect to recreate it.


spell-button-4c20219.png  spell-button-bevel-4c2024e.png


You may want to use BoltBait's Bevel Object effet.


Good luck!  :)

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