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Zoom/rotate increments

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I use rotate (Layers>Rotate / Zoom) quite a bit and almost always need fine-grain rotation. I need to make text (within a bmp image) as close to horizontal as possible. There are up/down arrow next to the values that increase or decrease the values. The values increase or decrease by 1.00 . Is there a way to select which number place (such as the whole number, tenths, or hundredths ) will increase or decrease by 1 ?


Thanks - David

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I often have the same problem. It moves in increments of 1 when I need something in between. I especially run into this problem when using Red Ochre's plugin Highlight on it's own layer and then try to line it up with something on another layer.  My work around has been to activate the Highlight layer using the Move Selected Pixels tool and do it manually.  


Perhaps a fine tuning adjuster could solve this problem if it is/was possible. I may have jynxed that possibility be adding my thoughts though. 

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Oceana - That's what I do, but it takes a lot of trial and error. I usually have 20-30 separate bmp files I have to adjust.


I'll enter 1.00, then I'll select the up-arrow then the down-arrow to view the result (result is not instantaneous).

If the result is not good enough, I'll enter 0.75 (up and down arrows again).

Then 0.60 (up and down arrows again).

Then 0.65 (up and down again).

Maybe I'll enter 0.60 again, or I might try 0.63 (up and down again).


I was hoping there was a trick like highlighting one of the digit places and selecting the up or down arrow to increase or decrease the highlighted digit. Or maybe there was a hidden setting in the preferences somewhere.

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