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BoltBait Pack not installing

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I tried to install BoltBait Pack by dragging all the downloaded files into "effects" folder of paint.net


I even tried clicking on each plugin individually and clicking "unblock" as it say's in this tutorial I used..


I have Paint.net version 3.36 and the plugin is the one I downloaded from this tutorial:



I don't have any Norton antivirus on here or anything ... Every time all the files are there after I put them in the effects but when I open paint.net - they are not present like it hasn't even been downloaded.  Tried rebooting the computer but that doesn't work either.


Can anyone shed some light?

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I just went ahead and downloaded 4.0.5 paint.net after uninstalling the other program and also deleting the files. I also downloaded the BoltBait pack, unzipped it and then dragged the contents of the file in the effects folder. Went ahead and rebooted after that but for some reason none of the effects show up at all.


Is there anything else I can do to fix this? Thanks

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