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Deep Dream type plugin

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Google recently released the code for their Deep Dream program. After looking at what it does to an image I think something similar can be made to work in PDN. I may be wrong being that I know nothing about code. But in my artistic mind I can see a similarity to the combined effects of Dents, Psychocolor and perhaps a couple of TR's plugins all at once. It would be awesome if this could be done in PDN if their was an interest for it. 


Here is a link in case you haven't heard of it yet;       http://motherboard.vice.com/read/snapshots-of-an-ais-psychedelic-dreams



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It also seems to use multiple layers to reinterpret many images.  Plugins only have access to a single layer (and the clipboard).

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Those were trippy.


Based from those examples, I can imagine some sort of plugin that makes certain objects from the image to pop out from the rest like a relief then apply some Psychocolor or some other multi-colored filter. It would be interesting but different images need different treatment.

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