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Photoelasticity effect

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Guys, if you do an internet search using the term "photoelasticity" you can find some weird but cool pictures. Here's a Wikipedia page about it : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photoelasticity

That picture made me laugh, I love the stretchy smiley haha :P.

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CC4 - That just looks like photographing polarised light? :/
Try putting polaroid sunglasses in front of the camera (and twisting them)?

words = good
Pictures = 1000 * better. ;)

Photo = anything to do with light?
Elasticity??? most things we consider 'elastic' do not obey Hook's law - or was it the crocodile?
Is 'Elastic' an elastomer? - Young's modulus and all that! - then there's the Shore A and B!

The point I'm trying to make is that a well explained question is more likely to get a well explained reply.
- Do I sound too grumpy? :( ;)
Pictures, links and a full explaination do help, both for techniques or possible plugins.

I do sound grumpy! :D
SvSlazer18 - welcome to the forum! - Imagine you are the person reading the initial post? - it's a bit cryptic!


(no wish to offend anyone, please) ;)


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@Red - Grumpy ............... Nah ;) .


I think this is what he's looking for here.


So all he needs to do is master this and this.


Good luck @SvSlazer :) .

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I hope this is what you're after :D


1. Open an image (Black and White seemed to work nicely)


2. Duplicate the layer


3. On the top layer Set the Blend mode to Negation.


4. Run Self Negation (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25083-color-self-negation-now-v11/) with these settings




5. Apply a 2px Gaussian Blur to the top layer.


6. Flatten and save.




I'm sure there are other techniques.  Metalize and Bizaro-Negation plugins might be worth a look.

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