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Microsoft paint shift drag randomization plugin request

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I'm a new member on the paint.net community, my username is 'SvSlazer18'. Anyway, i would like to request a plugin that functions like this: Have you ever tried to shift drag in microsoft paint? It creates a weird effect, and that's exactly what i'm aiming for. That's how i want it to function: Basically, the plugin creates random rectangular selections and drags them in random directions with different force, creating that effect that i mentioned. It would be convenient if the plugin had the ability to able the user to customly set the value of selections, the direction of the dragging and the quantity of dragging. I don't know how plugins are made, so i may be asking something extremely difficult to do, but please at least hear my idea.post-142037-0-15761700-1436491857_thumb. (There should be an image that shows clearly what i'm talking about).

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Hello Eli, nice to meet you. I'm glad you commented. I would like to take advantage of your comment to report some problems involving the polyglitch plugin pack; The low pass filter plugin and the qam fault plugin are not working. I can't find a solution to those problems. I'd also like to mention that the effect of the plugin that i'm requesting is very unique and is comparable to datamoshing, but instead of a video being datamoshed, it's the image. How awesome does that sound? If you know anyone that creates plugins in this community please tell them about my idea, thank you.

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If you have any errors with this effect post them in the Polyglitch post. The author will probably make a fix when he gets around.


Did you try changing colours? If you use Psychocolour and then Lumisort to displace some areas of the picture you can get some datamoshing. 

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Try Trail. It looks like the effect you're after.

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Thank you for replying to my comment, i appreciate it. I think i wasn't clear enough about my thoughts. Basically the plugin that i'm requesting creates various selections of different sizes and then drags them with different force, creating an effect that has similar characteristics of the trail plugin.
To be even more clear, this is an example of an image that has been s-pushed slightly  (random directions) (notice the blocky distortions):Baby_tux_sit_black_800x800.png

This is an example of heavy s-push (random directions):Baby_tux_sit_black_800x800.png

Only downwards (slightly):Baby_tux_sit_black_800x800.png

Only downwards (heavy):Baby_tux_sit_black_800x800.png

Got it?

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I'm guessing very few people besides you would want this effect. Anyway you should be able to create it manually like this.


Duplicate layer.

Add blank layer on top and apply a black and white pattern. I used a checker board pattern.

Control select to select all black squares.

Switch to image layer and move as desired.






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