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How to save PDN layers separately?

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Okay, I love Paint.net I draw with it all the time (It's the only easy and free one and it's amazing!)
I'm on a windows 7 computer (64 bit) And I was wondering how do I save the layers separately? I'm making an animation and I need the layers to be separate. Is there some sort of program/plugin I can use? I'm aware of Pdn2Png and Layer Saver.
If there is no other tricks or software out there, can you at least tell me how to load up Layer Saver onto the program and how to actually use it? Thank you! :)
:P  :lol:  

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I've used Layer Saver but I'm not sure if it works for PdN 4, as I'm under 3.5.11. One way or another, Layer Saver is a standalone utility, so you run it outside Paint.NET


Another option I can recommend is TR's Export Selection. This plugin is more versatile because it can save irregular selections to PNGs, but if you don't make a selection then it will save the whole of the active layer. You'll have to repeat the operation for every layer you need to extract, but it's quite simple and fast to use.

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May be this plugin can come handy




This plugin saves all layers in as different file in a single .zip file.

It is a file-type plugin, so you have only to choose save as .zip in 'Save As' menu while saving. You can find 'how to install file type plugin' somewhere in forum. : )

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