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Re-sizing picture

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Hi ,

I'm new to this forum and using the progam. I was attempting to re-size a picture I have. I need the image to be the size of 100mmx62mm but im unsure what that would translate into. I understand that changing the figures to cm, and re-sizing the image will do this but when I attempt this I cannot change it to the exact numbers. Im very confused, any help would be appreciated :/


Thank you.



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@Drydareelin I tried the numbers that you stated but when i type in one number the other one changes, so it keep on changing both the numbers so only one is exactly what i want. This is the problem i had when i tried myself. I read somewhere that I only need to change one number, something about not changing both numbers because the image will be distorted.


I will attach the pictures that i wish to re-size if anyone manages to achieve it please do reply or let me know how you did it.Zayn-Malik-image-zayn-malik-36069304-500how-to-draw-chibi-one-direction-one-dire

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Size in mm, cm or inches is misleading - the computer 'thinks' in pixels, size depends upon what resolution you print or display at.

This tutorial is useful.



Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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