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Getting layers to merge and show surface detail effects

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I'm new to paint.net, but not new to the program. I'm doing some work for a modification for Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 3 over at Sim-Outhouse.

I've attached a picture to show what I mean as I'm not all that great at explaining stuff.


Basically, what I'd like to do is have the surface detail on the layer that has the B, next to the RAF roundel on the right, have the same level of surface detail that the S shows through on the left.


This picture explains better than I can explain it. I'd also like to know how I can more accurately match the colour between the S and the B more accurately.

Any information is greatly appreciated.





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Hello superchris12435,


Looking at your image I see that the colour of the letter B does not match the colour of letter S. 

Since the overlay method proposed by racerx does not meet your expectations then you may have to do some manual work.  :)

Because we do not have a rivets machine/texture to start with, you will have to add them by doing some copy and paste. 

Select an area from letter S and recreate a rivets texture large enough to match the size of letter B.

Here is a quick exemple:


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