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Cropping at an angle

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Hi, Im new to this forum

I have a quick question on how to use paint.net i really am a AMATEUR user and want to know how to cut an image at an angle.

Basically i have a image from google and i want it cutting straight at an angle like \ IMG \

Sorry if this makes no sense! i tried with the rubber but cant make a straight neat line so it looks rubbish!



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Hi axelgaming - welcome to the paint.net forum :D

I've edited your thread title to make it descriptive. This is a requirement of our forum (see HERE). Descriptive titles helps others to search the forum for information :).

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Start with the 'Rectangle Select' tool and create any selection rectangle.

Switch to the 'Move Selection' tool. Now you can rotate and stretch the rectangle to select the angular stripe you like to get.

If your angular stripe should be horizontal at top and bottom then select again the 'Rectangle Select' tool (but do not deselect in advance).

Set the selection merge mode in the toolbar to 'Intersect'.

Now you can cut out the part of the stripe you like to get.

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