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Is there a way to disconnect Paint.net from Photo Viewer?

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Hi all. I've checked the FAQs, I've checked everything else possible, and I've Googled all over to try to find a solution to my problem.


I am not a fan of Paint.net sending stuff to Photo Viewer. I would like to disconnect that. I would rather have Paint.net send the files straight to the printer. How do I do that?


The reason why I am asking that is because Photo Viewer insists on overriding my printer settings. I can not get Photo Viewer to print in black. I've tried Googling on how to change that, and I've had no luck.


I prefer to print in black because I like black and white. Black ink is easier on my budget too. Color ink is considerably more expensive.


Btw, I run Windows 7.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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What do you mean by "sending stuff to Photo Viewer"?


What steps are you talking leading up to that action?


Could you post a screenshot of your Print dialog window from paint.net here.

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Hi Guys,


I'm having the same problem that "Layathyan" posted above. Let me try my hand at explaining and asking for clearer guidance.



The Print function in Paint.NET spawns the "Print Pictures" dialogue default to Windows (I'm running 8.1, see fuller context below).

  • Is it possible to change this?
  • If so, how would I change it - and what are my alternatives?

Here's why...


I'm running Windows 8.1 and the current version of Paint.Net. I'm using a Canon i560 color ink-jet printer with the current drivers/software installed. My color tanks are dry and I don't want to replace them. My printer holds a full and functioning black ink cartridge. 

The "Print Pictures" interface default to Windows doesn't seem to handle greyscale well. Instead of drawing from the black ink-tank to create the greyscale print, the "Print Pictures" feature seems to ignore the black tank and blend grey from the color tanks. My printing preferences are set to greyscale and the print-preview shows a greyscale image. But when using "Print Pictures" to print anything in greyscale, the printer goes through the motions to present a blank sheet of paper.


My printer WILL print greyscale from the black cartridge when printing via software-specific print dialogue boxes, such as in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (also the printer test-page, the nozzle test, etc...). 


Only when using the "Print Pictures" dialogue (from the Photo viewer, or unfortunately, from Paint.NET) does my printer create a blank page...apparently ignoring the full black-ink tank.


Obviously my printer and ink work fine. It's silly for the "Print Pictures" dialogue to require color inks to do something that other print dialogues handle with only the black tank...was this "feature" designed to help printer companies sell more ink? Or was it just lazy coding...You have to wonder...


Your guidance is greatly appreciated - even if it's to say that as currently programmed there are no alternatives in Paint.NET...I just want to know.

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