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TGA support to improve

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reproduced with paint.net  3.510.4297.28964


There are some TGA files that I can open with Photoshop, Apple Preview and TGA viewer (http://tgaviewer.com/) that when i try to open them in paint.net are simply blank.

As if the image was filled with transparent values.


Attached is an exemple of such TGA files. They are generated by a thrid party program (capture of HDMI 1080p60 stream).

I am guessing they used a somehow more liberal use of TGA file format that the current paint.net TGA implementation does not correctly understand.

Whereas photoshop (and other) maybe implement the complete TGA specification.


Can it be fixed in paint.net somehow ?





edit :cant attach the file. two links instead




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The images load fine but the alpha channel is transparent. It's an uncompressed 32bit Truecolor TGA  w/ alpha.

It may be that some applications ignore the alpha channel. Paint.Net doesn't.


You may use the Color Matrix plugin with the preset 'RGB (solid)'.

This will set the alpha channel to opaque.

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