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Anyone interested in a plugin for capturing screenshots?

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About a month and a half ago, I did just enough hackery to get a screenshot utility running inside of paint.net and have it render the captures to canvas. This was done for my amusement, as I personally think it is unpractical and I prefer a standalone program. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/3908-the-off-topic-thread/?p=426413


I'm just curious if anyone would be interested in having such a utility in paint.net.

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Given that you are looking for another project, I have long been waiting for something that can create lines/splines with a specified number of control points.


Where separating an image from a background becomes complicated and where the usual means do not work well, I will often zoom in on the image and using the line tool I will create a border around the image. I then use that line as a silhouette to separate the image from the background and vice-versa.


Having the ability to create a spline/line with as many control points as I would like would give me the ability to manipulate that spline/line to suit any image or shape, thereby saving a lot of time. I'm fairly certain that there would be other applications where such a tool could be used to great effect also.


Some food for thought perhaps toe_head2001?





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I am interested as generally I use Alt-Prtsc and I like editing my screenshots in PDN instead of using external tools that take a screenshot and do limited editing.


I had decided that this will not be a plugin for paint.net. However, I can add an option into AeroShot Mini that will open screenshots in paint.net once they have been captured. Would you want that? Essentially you'd press Alt+PrtScn, and then the capture would automatically be saved to disk & opened in paint.net.


Out of curiosity, what sorts of edits are you making to screenshots?

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