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Guys, background STILL there as PNG file, please view enclosed!

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Dear Anyone.


I got 3 lovely tips on how to remove backgrounds - but prob. because I'm dumbass I can't make any of them work and I've started a new question - before I get yelled at! - because I couldn't work out how to attach pics WITHOUT starting a new question! The attach pics. box only seems to appear on primary questions, not on replies.  Anyway. 


The FIRST pic. is what I see when I drag one of the .PNGs you showed me how to create into a browser window, which I did so I knew what I'd see when I uploaded it.  As you'll see, I got a little picture in the middle of a Humunguous black border!  Tried all 3 solutions I was given, still ended up with small pic., vast black area around it.  SO - being brand new to all of this - I looked at the picture in Paint.net and realised the blackness was the large area around the picture.  You can't do anything about that unless you go down to 8 bit quality because that's the only time the .PNG transparency adjusters aren't greyed out.  So first question - why is that? Why can't you adjust background transparency in 32 bit mode? Or any other mode?


What I think I want to do - at least this sounds logical - is shrink all that checkerboard background you get in Paint.Net - I know checkerboard should mean transparent but as you can see in the attached file, browsers don't agree with you on this, at least Firefox sure don't! - so it exactly fits the picture, thus giving you a TINY, nice, border, not a massive screen filling one. I want to get a result  so I can lay a whole row of pictures next to eachother with zero borders (ideal) or just tiny little ones like they've somehow done in this Google search page screenshot (saved in Gem Paint that comes with Windows) If the massive black background becomes white, it'll surely obscure the picture next to it?  If you tell me a way to magically make it REALLY transparent, won't the fact it's there make for massive picture file sizes, or is that a fact of life when doing pictures to upload (it's just of internet friends, nothing salacious.)


You'd think they'd have sorted out one universal picture format by now, wouldn't you? But as they haven't, please, I don't want pic sitting in middle of massive black background that theoretically should be transparent but isn't,  I want pic. with nice neat tiny white edge or no edge at all so I can upload images and have them sitting next to eachother as the second enclosure does!  I know I'm prob. gonna get howled at for not following instructions properly somewheres, but how do I shrink the border so it just fits the outline of the pic (and the magic wand tool didn't work at all, btw., all it did was cut out internal chunks of the picture, it didn't get rid of the background.  I even deleted the background layer and it was STILL there, massive and black, when I dragged the pic. into a Firefox window!)


Anyone know anything that WORKS for this, or can't Paint.NET achieve this yet, or do I need someone's plugin to be able to do this?


OK, I've had to upload the pics to Photobucket because they're waaaay too big for here for some reason I flat don't understand.  Here's the slideshow link, it's come up in reverse order for some reason, the SECOND one is what I get, the FIRST one is what I WANT to be able to do, why I couldn't upload it here was because the first one alone was 628K as a .PNG!! And you only allow 256 k, so how the heck anyone uploads anything here if picture files are that big I've no idea. 


Slideshow is here:-      http://s1366.photobucket.com/user/Christopher_Burke/slideshow/


I reallty thought this was going to be something easy when I offered to de-border a friend's pictures! How stupid I was.....


If Google can do it, there's gotta BE a way of doing it!!


Yours frustratedly



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Small addendum to the massive above (sorry about that, frustration hit my fingers) -I know you're gonna say 'group all the pics in Paint.net then they'll fill out the background' but what if I want to subsequently add a picture to the group, I'm gonna be right back at Square One with 628k PNG, massive black background! There's gotta be a way around that...

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I want to get a result  so I can lay a whole row of pictures next to eachother with zero borders (ideal)

Try this:

1.Select the 'magic wand' tool :MagicWandTool:  and click on the transparent area (chequerboard in Pdn).

2. Go to 'Edit/Invert Selection'. This sould leave the image selected - not the border.

3. Click this icon   :Crop: or use the 'Edit/crop to selection' option.

4. Save the image (I would change the name slightly so you know which version you are looking at).

If the image has transparent areas in it you will need to save as a .png - if not you could save as a .jpeg for smaller size.

5. View in Firefox.


Hope that is what you meant - I got a bit lost in the 'wall of text'! ;)


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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