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Trouble with site

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Im not sure if this falls in this category but to me, it seems like the closest. here is my problem: I automatically get logged off, i cannot reply to topics and when it works i get logged off, and most of the time, im barely able to post and pm before i get logged of, or when im just viewing other topics i get logged off! can someone please help me? i know that its not my computer, but something is wrong. :cry: did anyone else ever have this problem? :( please help. it always says invalid session please resubmit the forum

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Sounds like a Forumer problem...

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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You're using Internet Explorer 6.

Last is Seven.


8) my father fixed the problem....Internet Explorer 7 was the provlem, it had problems, my father did some weird things, then uninstalled 7 amd re-installed 6.......guess my father was right on saying to check cnet rev......thank you for helping im sorry for the trouble. :oops:

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