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Hyper-real effect

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I've been fooling with this hyper-real effect since away back here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/26039-how-do-i-make-this-hyper-real-slightly-metallic-effect/


ReMake has given us Neon Edges to play with, and quite by accident, I found this little technique using it.


1. Duplicate the original image layer twice.

2. On the middle layer run Effects > Blurs > Surface blur at the default settings.

3. On the top layer, run @ReMake's Neon Edges with these settings: Thickness=6, Glow Intensity=22, Hue=0 & Saturation=90.

4. Invert the colors in the Neon Edges layer with Ctrl + Shift + I

5. Press F4 and set the Blend mode to Color Burn.




You may need to clean up the edges of the Neon layer.

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I'm all for modifying/improving the technique. Can you provide an example?

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You were trying to make a smoother textures to emulate a 3D effect right?


Well I was trying to achieve that with PDN until I found this tutorial.




I'm not sure, but I do think it relates to what you're trying to achieve.


Edit: You do have a comment there but it was a long time ago.

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I think it produces interesting tweaks on small low-quality images.






With the Neon Edges layer set to Color Burn, the edges and some dark-colored areas appear more defined:




With the Neon Edges layer set to Overlay, the buildings near the bottom left corner show up and it's like the overall lights were somewhat turned on, but without losing the details in the edges:




As for the extreme HDR technique, I've used it many times with varying degrees of success depending on the image and on specific minor modifications to the method. In general terms, I think it makes the overall picture look sharper in all of its features, like a super sharpen that also turns the lights on but in a different way, like the image has been rubbed with shoe polish or something, so to say it. Also the far buildings look more defined:




(I hope the comment about the shoe polish doesn't look too incoherent :roll::P)

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