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How I am going to transform an image into sphere segments?

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Normally that transformation is intended to transform a spherical image, like a globe, into a plane. I'm not sure what it means when applied to an originally planar image.


EDIT: I suppose if you define the map projection used for the original map, it could "undo" that projection, and apply the new projection. That's an interesting idea for a plugin, one that allows the user to specify the original projection and the desired projection, and converts one to another. Not knowing much about map projections, I don't know how difficult that would be.

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If a plugin for that exist it shouldn't be any difficult to use, all you have to do is provide an image (width = height / 2) and choose the number of segments that you want to divided(e.g. 12, 18, 24 etc)


Here is a link that demonstrate how to do sphere segments with Illustrator, however I don't have Illustrator and I am not familiar with it.

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I meant how difficult it'd be to write a plugin like that. I doubt there's currently a plugin to do that. I checked the Plugin Index for any plugins beginning with Map or Projection, and didn't find any.


In any case, I think I misunderstood what your objective was. I thought you wanted to do an actual map projection, but looking at your link, I see what you want is to do is very similar, but with a different goal. That might not be quite as difficult, since it just has to look good; it doesn't need to be mathematical precise.

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If you don't mind a long painful process, you could use Shape3D, alpha mask, and paneling.


First, you make a mask by making a vertical rectangle in the center of the canvas from top to bottom and distorting it with shape3D (set camera angle to 1, anti-alias to 2, and uncheck lighting).

Then, you distort the image with shape3D (same settings) and use the mask to cut out the center slice.

Use paneling to shift the image over so a new slice is centered, then repeat shape3D and masking to make the rest of your pieces

Line up the pieces on a canvas to complete the segmented projection


...or you could wait and see if someone puts together a plugin or something in codelab you can use to do it automatically because the above process may cause physical pain to your noggin

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