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Resize image without clarity loss

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Hi there.. need help in thing that will help me undrastanding the tools..
1-I want to resize the pic"From 722X454 to 1920X1200"  without effecting the quality and the smooth..tried the sharpen and the glow tool and didn't help.can any one do it  with helping me how to do it ??

The orignal photo ..

My attemp ..


2- As you see the photo  feels blue-violet.. is there a way i can make it  any color i want ..eg brown .. azure .. the RGB curve adjustment isn't enough for me..

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I was able to make it look pretty darn good after the resize by using a tiny bit of 'Surface Blur' to get rid of visual artifacts, and then a lot (maxed out) of 'Sharpen' to bring out the details again.

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I also recommend taking a look at david.atwell's excellent DPI and YOU - Understanding Resolution for Print and Web

As for the color, try Ed Harvey's color tint plugin

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