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I have three main criticisms:

1: The table cells need padding.

It really helps increase readability if the text isn't right up against the border.

2: Main body text should not be bold.

Again, for readability's sake, I'd suggest not having the text body bold. Bold should be used sparingly, usually for headers. Bold in body text should be for emphasis only.

3: Bust outta them frames.

Freehostia's site says that the Free package is PHP enabled. A PHP <?php include('ref.ext'); ?> statement will do the same thing without throwing accessibility out the window.

I'd also suggest nixing the tables, but that requires an understanding of CSS and knowledge of how to build a page to be styled by CSS.

On a positive note, it does look better now. :)

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Oh CMD...your site is pretty pretty. My only criticism would be the footer that just kind of sits there at the bottom of the page and looks a tad out of place.

Knight...site looks better (imho), but still has a lot of potential you could do. http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp and look up CSS, and I completely agree with CMD...drop those frames man! :) Also, the picture (free vista upgrade) bugs me because only one of the links change when you hover over it. Feather the Vista logo. And not to be too picky, but the PDN logo you used on the bottom left looks like you should take the white around the edges out maybe...? :?

As far as site schemes go, I've always been a fan of red, black, and white. 8) Keep in mind it's something I did a while ago...back when I used Macromedia (not Adobe) Fireworks... But it does use some interesting things like CSS and filter, a java applet, and embedded quicktime video.

Sorry if I suggest so many things. If I talk too much, just tell me to shut up. :P

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The_Lionhearted, I like your site! I just have two things to suggest:

The site immidiatly says '!' when you open it. Maybe take the contrast down a little bit?

Also, when I clicked on the link, it opened in a new window in a minimized form. That's totally natural. What's wrong? You can't see all of the index's text. Only about half of it with the page scrolled all the way to the left. Of course, that was easily fixed by maximizing the window, but, one should be able to view it in a smaller window also. ;)

Otherwise, great job!

Oh, and the1knight, you can view some exaples of CSS's power at theCSS Zen Garden.

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