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Pen tool?

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The line/curve tool is great for outlining objects.

Just add a new layer

Trace your object using the line/curve tool

Then use the magic wand tool.


I don't know if you are trying to apply effects, cut out objects, recolor things, etc, but using the line/curve tool does make a nice pen tool alternative. If you are wanting to cut out objects, these tutorials might interest you.






When it comes to working on details with paint.net, cutting out objects can be a great way to add effects to specific things, re-color specific areas of a picture, or remove backgrounds.

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Hi Piscaso - welcome to the forum!

Are you trying to make a selection or draw in a given color? "Pen" to me is a drawing tool, yet you've described using the Lasso tool - which makes selections.

An example image showing what you're trying to do might help explain things :D

Edit: Beaten to the reply by Fuzzy.

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The pen tool is a tool from photoshop. It is a tool which makes lines called "paths". In photoshop you can "stroke" a path with paint or you can convert the path into a selection. The line/curve tool is already paint, so there is no stroking in paint.net. And although paint.net can't convert lines into a selection, we have work-arounds, such as exampled in the "how to cut out object" tutorials.


The pen tool is often used to outline objects, which is why I'm talking about the line/curve tool for tracing obejcts. However, the paths that the pen tool makes can be used for a lot of other things. So, if perhaps the OP has other intentions, then more details on what they are trying to do would be nice.

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