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Problem with images

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I want to edit an image into paint.net that is 1920x1080.CEsaowhUkAEQyud.jpg

However, when I copy it into paint.net it appears that the image is much smaller, as shown in the second image. (both images that are shown are 1920x1080, yet this forum did not allow me to post that picture.


I want the image to be its size without me having to stretch out the image, and therefore reducing the quality.

Any tips?

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What is happening is your canvas size is too big that you start with. I usually drag and drop the image into pdn and when the prompt comes up I select "Open". Another way would be to right click on the image and select "Open with" and "paint.net". All this copy and paste people do seems like a hard way of doing things to me. It took decades to teach people how to copy and paste and now they can't stop using it,lol.     :D

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I suspect the image you're cutting isn't 1920x1080. Maybe you're getting the thumbnail version instead of the actual image. If it's from a webpage or something like that, and assuming you haven't tried this already, before you cut it, right-click and select "View Image Info." If it says the size is 1920x1080, try cutting and pasting into PDN with "Paste into New Image." If it's considerably less than 1920x1080, figure out why you're using the wrong version of the image.

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I think MJW has it. The image doesn't appear to be anything like the dimensions you posted.

Try this:

Copy the image to the clipboard from wherever you got it. Next create a new image with PDN (File>New). The new canvas will be the correct size to house the clipboard image.

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