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Clone photo stamp remover ...

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I am new in paint.net and I like to remove some text from the pictures. The right tool is CLONE

STAMP REMOVER, but I don`t know how to do that ... any tutorial or explanation ... help ...??


This is picture, and I like to get rid of text ....

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This is a family friendly forum, your image was not.
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The actually is easiest way would be to draw black rectangles (fill mode) over the text you want to remove. Do it on another layer just to make sure, in case you don't get the result you were expecting. So, step-by-step it would be:

1- Create a new layer.

2- Click the Shapes tool.

3- Click Fill Mode, just to the right of where it says Rectangle on top (to the left of brush width).

4- Making sure your primary color is black, draw a rectangle over unwanted text. Repeat as needed.

5- Flatten and save.

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