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Looking for a blur tool...

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Unfortunately I hadn't used Paint.NET in awhile (at least not for any of my more "serious" art, even though I'm not nearly as artistic as probably 98% of the people here) and there had been quite a few program updates. As such, I'm not too sure what has changed and what was lost, etc.


A few years ago I had downloaded a few plug-ins and add-ons. One such plug-in (add-on? whatever) was some sort of blur tool. I really wish I could remember what it was. I tried looking in the menus and I couldn't find it....and I'm pretty sure I would recognize it if I saw it. But basically you clicked on the tool and it would open a new window where you could edit the layer you were working on. You could change the size (and shape probably) of the blur and then when you drew with it you could blur things together. Basically it was like a Gaussian blur but you could kinda swish it all around to blur things better. Like if you had two colors side by side you could swish them together and mix them, if that makes sense.


I don't think I can find it on my version so I think an update must have gotten rid of it :/ Does anyone know a similar tool that I could use/download? I used it a lot to soften edges and blur things together so I really miss it. Any suggestions? Or if anyone happens to know the name of this tool so I could downod it again that would be fantastic.

Thank you for any help!

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A long shot would be Liquify. I think MJW has correctly identified by your description.

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