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Question about Curved/Line

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Hello first post here and may I say that  I love using paint.net and the effects that I can download from here. Thx a lot.


Got a question about this Unbenannt.png tool. I'd like to have more than 4 (dunno whats it called, joints?) as it would come in handy. Alternatively other painting programs let you connect a new line seamlessly to an existing one. Such features might already exist and I just haven't discovered them yet. I use it for bodies of machines or people and getting the next line to fit right where the last one ends is very tedious.


I'm not the most experienced user of paint.net so I might just overlook something simple. If anyone got a hint I'd be glad. Or maybe as a new feature where you can set how many joints you'd like to have.

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Hi Nero7 - welcome to the forum :D


Four control nubs is all we get for this tool.  There is no way to add more.   Sorry about that - it's the way it works.


Several forum members (the Dwarf Horde: TechnoRobbo, Red Ochre and myself) are working on an enhanced tool which can join lines and curves into complex shapes which are re-editable.  It's almost due for a _limited_ release.  At this stage I don't know when (if??) it will become publicly available.

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