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Suggested feature: Final render flag


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A comment by BoltBait on a leveling plugin thread made me remember a feature I've wanted. It would be useful if there were a "final render" flag a plugin could test to see if the render code was out of the phase where the user was modifying the controls and instead doing the final render pass. That way, any information in the image that was added to help the user adjust the controls could be omitted. Or the image could be, for instance, rendered with anti-aliasing enabled. I have no idea how had it would be, or if it's even possible, but I do notice there always seems to be a render pass done after the plugin is closed with an OK.

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I fully support this suggestion as I have asked Rick for it many times as far back as 21 September 2008.

Of course, when using your own UI, it is easily possible. What we're asking for is a way to determine when the OK button is pressed when using Indirect UI.

I imagine something like:


if (IsCancelRequested) ...
only for when the OK button has been pressed:


if (IsFinalRender) ...


if (IsOKButtonPressed) ...
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This probably goes without saying, but the flag should also be set when the "repeat last effect" is used. Maybe it would make more sense for the flag to have the opposite sense, like "IsInteractive."

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