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opening .pdn files on iOS?

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Hello guys,


First let me introduce myself: I'm a tech writer for a F1 site called F1Technical. I draw up specific parts of Formula One cars and write articles around those sketches. I'm proud to say I'm using paint.net for this because I fricking love it! The program is so simple to use yet has so many possibilities. It's really an enjoyment to use so a big thumbs up for the developers!


Anyway, I was wondering lately if the standard produced .pdn files can be opened up by some sort of iOS app? I already came across a topic explaining that porting paint.net to iOS is impossible, but I was hoping for an app that was atleast able to view these files, and most importantly can show and hide layers. You see, the illustrations I produce consist out of several layers, each showing specific components on the correct place. Hiding a layer shows what's behind a specific component. Flattening the whole deal onto an image, to be able to view the illustrations on iOS, removes this specific ability, So in short: hoping for an app that can view .pdn files and can hide/unhide layers! I'd certainly be willing to pay for such an app.

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Hi, sorry for not getting back to you.


I am not able to find an alternative really, even outside paint.net. Dropbox is able to read .svg (inkcape) files, but unfortunaly is not able to read which layers are hidden and which aren't, resulting all the layers, including the variation of certain pieces, are loaded. Without an option of course to check/uncheck layers.


Well BoltBait, thanks for the help anyway! Maybe it'll be a possibility in the near future.

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