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add text to a pic thats not clearly seeable

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for an birthday I want to replace an article of a magazine (scanned by myself). I've managed to find the font that was used but the new text is clearly visible from the exisiting articles.


Is it possible to make an effect or something else that the new text look like it was scanned?


Printing out and scan again gives a potato quality :(

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Some ideas I suggest are.


Use Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast to wash out the text a little.

Add a little noise with Effects>Noise>Add Noise. Set the saturation to 0, and the coverage to a very low value.

Use pyrochild's Effects>Distort>Jitter plugin to jitter the text. This is quite effective, but even a one pixel jitter may be too much. If so, resize the image to, for instance 200%, do a one pixel Jitter, then resize to the original size.

Use the Effects>Distort>Dents effect to jumble the text a bit. Try Scale and Refraction around 8. You might want to try this with the 200% enlarged image at the same time the jitter is used.

Resize the image to 80%, then resize 125%.

If you really want to be tricky, use the Layers>Rotate/Zoom to very slightly alter the slant. Something like 0.2, 100, 0.5 for the Roll/Rotate and 1.02 for the Zoom, to refill the frame.


You'll have to decide how distorted you want it. Play around with the effects till you get what you want.


Example (perhaps a bit overdone for illustration purposes):


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